Business, Legal & Tax Strategy

We hold ourselves to the highest standards in
order to help you make decisions, with well-designed
plans based on 4 pillars: Knowledge, Creativity, Specialization and Excellency.
We Know How to do it!

Who are we?

A firm of lawyers, economists and business consultants. We hold ourselves to the highest standards in order to increase our clients´ profits, while protecting their interests and assets

What do we do?

We always work so that you make the best business decisions y resolve any economic/financial, tax and legal problems in the most efficient, practical and safe way

How we work?

Using the EXELADE 360 System (Dashboards & Visual Thinking) We obtain solutions that allow you to take advantage of opportunities and solve detected problems.


Our Experience

In the last 10 years we have helped…

Businesses and Executives

Introduce their business to Spain and Andorra
Place their liaisons between Europe and Latin America in Barcelona
Define business strategies
Maximize the value of their Brand


Identify Business opportunities
Achieve the best operating conditions
Gain capital for your projects
Protect your investments


Better your positions and obtain guarantees that your capital is being well managed (rough translation)
Maximize the profitability of your activities
Represent them in Invested Companies

Strategic Solutions



We are a legal, tax and business management boutique which offers high quality, customized solutions to help our clients improve management, take opportunities and solve problems, always protecting their interests and heritage.


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Andorra Les Escaldes Av. Cardemany 67 6º 2ª

AD700 Andorra

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