Family business

The family business is of vital importance to the industrial and social fabric of spain, and we ought to protect them so that they develop and consolidate in time.They have some specific needs principally related with the government of society, its management, ownership and succession.
At exelade we are specialists in consulting family businesses and we have a specialized team of professionals whose objective is to find personalized solutions to the challenges that may arise in every type of family business.
The accumulated knowledge and experience , turned us into connoisseurs of legal, tax and management situations that face family businesses
As counselors, we have among our clients business families who have relied on our legal help, not only in their business but also in the structuring of family-business relationships and within the family itself.

Family Protocol

The analysis, design, and implementation of a familial protocol custom to each family and business that should control:

  • The management of the company and its government: The family council, the assembly, general meeting, board of directors and management Succession of a family business
  • Property and hereditary separation
  • Property, Asset transfer
  • Sucession planning
  • Work on the business
  • Family obligations and economic support
  • Distribution of results

Succesion in the family business

  • Development of Family Protocols that establish the regulation of the relations of family members with the company in the fields of government, management and property.
  • Design of a family governing structure, mainly a Family Board or a Family council.
  • Family training through the design of training programs
  • Implementation of family office (family office), like a service for the optimization and search of greater efficiency in the profitability of family assests

Taxes of a family business

  • Analysis and implementation of corporate and equity structures that reduce and adapt the taxation of the family business and the family business to tax incentives and current regulations.
  • Advice on the tax implications of the establishment of the family office.
  • Analysis and tax advice on the transfer of ownership of the family business.
  • Global and recurring advice from family businesses.
  • • Tax analysis of investment and divestment structures in the process of internationalization of the family business.
  • Advice on the application of tax incentives to philanthropic activity.

Financing a family business

Advice on the planning, analysis and execution of the most convenient financing policy, strategic, economic and fiscal.

  • Financing through reinvestment of profits obtained by the company that are reinvested
  • Financing through capital increase through new monetary contributions
  • Financing through accounts in participation through contracts involving an investor who finances a project.
  • Financing through participatory loans that give the possibility of entering the capital or linking them to results, etc.
  • Bank financing.Guarantee
  • Alternative financing

Rights of the family

  • Analysis of the impact of the incapacity and the death of certain family members in the management of the company and family assets.
  • Business and estate management planning in the event of a disability.
  • • Succession planning in case of death, in relation to the transfer of goods and the administration regime.
  • Planning of the economic regime applicable to marriage or stable marriages, as well as advice on any previous agreements in anticipation of rupture.
  • Advice on the opening of proven, contractual and intestate successions, both international and local.
  • • Planning and advice on donations of business or family assets in relation to the transition of assets and the administration regime of these.

Corporate rights and hiring in a family business

  • Preparation of agreements of partners for the protection of the family business and legal implementation of family protocols.
  • Legal advice on business internationalization, in forms of implementation and contractual formulas
  • Corporate restructuring and corporate reorganizations, including structural modification operations (merger, spin-off, etc.).
  • Advice and execution of the processes of acquisition or sale of family businesses.
  • Recurring advice to companies and large estates, including board secretariat services.
  • Design of Corporate Governance structures and implementation of Corporate Governance norms and preventive risk control.
  • Design and execution of plans and processes of separation of family and business assets.
  • Legal advice in cases of shareholder conflict or potential conflict.
  • Implementation of a family office(o family office).

Professionalization of a family business

  • Integration of family and business strategy with the process of professionalization of management. Planning and management of organizational changes.
  • Design and implementation of annual variable remuneration systems linked to objectives.
  • Design and implementation of medium and long term incentives.
  • Design of management development plans.
  • Design of compensation systems linked to the retirement of family business executives.
  • International management of HR in the processes of internationalization of the family business: design of expatriation policies and fiscal optimization of displacements.
  • Global advice on the extinctions of labor and commercial relations