Nowadays, obtaining financing is an extremely complicated task, with increasingly demanding approval processes
Our team of financial and legal consultants offers solutions that cover the entire perimeter of your business financing. Our knowledge, expertise and contacts allow us to help you in all phases of access to financing.
The generation of value obtained by our firm allows us to obtain a high percentage of success in operations and our prestige allows us to negotiate and close operations in the best market conditions.


  • Collaboration with different financing entities to negotiate that your business receives the financial instruments that best suits it.
  • Consulting on aid and/or financing of public institutions (ENISA, CDTI, SEPIDES, REINDUS, etc.)
  • Consulting and Search for financing from Private Investors (business angels, venture capital, and capital risk).

Financing businesses in need of liquidity

  • • Operations to obtain resources from the company
  • Financial and economic strategy and external monthly consulting.
  • Internal financial audit.
  • Memorandum to present investors.
  • Negociation to obtain new financing

Financing of heavily indebted businesses

  • Produce a business model and calculation of future payment capacity.
  • Purchase of productive units through bankruptcy and resolution of conflicts by third parties.
  • Negotiation with Banks for working capital lines and to restructure debts with greater ease of payment
  • Negotiation of payment agreements with the Tax Administration and Social Security.
  • Negotiation with creditors of deferral agreements with or without removals.
  • Monthly Financial Management Consulting.


Financing of investments

Long term loans
  • CAPITAL INVESTMENT LOAN: Financing of investments in productive assets.
  • CAPITALIZATION LOAN: Financing granted to the partners of a company which must allocate resources to increase capital of the investee company.
  • LOAN GROWTH: Financing of the process of expansion, growth and business development.
  • INTERNATIONAL LOAN: Financing of the expansion and international implementation of the company.
  • R + D + IT LOAN: Financing of activities and investments in technological innovation or R&D.
  • PARTICIPATORY LOAN: Financing of the business plan for the expansion of the activity.
  • PROJECT FINANCE LOAN: Financing of facilities and infrastructure construction projects whose return is guaranteed by the revenues committed in contracts signed with Public Administrations or large corporate corporations.
  • COMPANY ACQUISITION LOAN: Financing of the purchase of companies, business units, goodwill, client portfolio, etc.
Leasings & Rentings
  • FURNITURE LEASING: Financing of machinery and facilities
  • RENTING: Financing of machinery and facilities.
  • SALE AND LEASEBACK: Financing obtained through the sale of own productive assets and subsequent repurchase through a rental contract with purchase option.

Working Capital financing

o Lines of Credit and Short-Term Loans
  • CREDIT LINE: Liquidity line for the working capital.
  • LINE FINANCING IMPORTS: Import financing.
  • ASSET BASED LENDING: Financing based on: stocks, raw materials, machinery, contracts, accounts receivable, brands, patents, financial assets, etc.
  • SUPPLIER PAYMENT FINANCING LINE: Financing up to 6 months of payments to suppliers for the production, stocking and delivery of products, or service provision.
  • PROJECT PRE-FINANCING LOAN: Financing of contracts, projects and exploitation orders (national and export) whose only guarantee is the contract subject to financing.
  • LIQUIDITY LOAN: Liquidity injection for the working capital.
  • Commercial discount: invoices, receipts and payments
  • FACTORING WITHOUT RESOURCES: Sale of credit rights on invoices and their associated risk.
  • FACTORING WITH RESOURCES: Sale of credit rights on invoices, but without eliminating credit risk.
  • DISCOUNT OF RECEIPTS: Advance collection of deferred receipts.
  • PAYMENT DISCOUNT: Advance collection of promissory notes with deferred maturity.
  • ADVANCE OF INVOICES: Advance collection of invoices with deferred maturity.