Our lawyers offer expert advice and their wide experiences in all type of labor-related questions


Our lawyers offer expert advice and their wide experiences in all type of labor-related questions and work in close collaboration with client in order to provide efficient consulting services and to establish a relationship of trust.

We offer innovative solutions to many work-related situations that could arise in a business.

The many services that our labor lawyers make available to our clients combine the strategic planning of labor relations to social Security plans, going through the specific treatment that senior management requires, the articulation of Flexibility Systems of work conditions, collective agreements and business agreements or consulting through labor audits. Also, we accompany our clients in the defense before work inspections, collective conflicts or Laboral litigation.

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Collective Agreements and Business Agreements

We negotiate the collective business instruments, representing our clients in the negotiations with the labor unions and upper management, and we offer consulting services in strikes and collective disputes.

Business Restructuring

We offer consulting services about the restructuring and reorganizing process, reduction of a staff, reengineering and the partial or total closure that implicate collective dismissals, while we offer consulting services and assistance at the time of establishing and negotiating social plans annexed to the record of employment regulation and early retirement.

Flexibility systems for work conditions

We analyze and define the most adequate structures to generate more flexible work conditions, to optimize the quality and productivity of human resources and to establish the best relationships with the business committees and the labor unions.

Prevention of Laboral Risk

We offer consulting services about regulatory compliance of the prevention of Laboral risks, including auditory procedures. We offer consulting services to the business from the moment in which an accident occurs, giving assistance on the sanctioned procedures before the work inspection and along with the penal and Laboral procedure responsibilities derived from work accidents.

Laboral Litigation

We represent businesses and senior leadership in all types of judicial processes, including relative disputes to senior management, reclamations of damages and losses, terminations, demands against discrimination and harassment, administrative sanctions, collective conflicts, etc.

Laboral Contracting/Hiring

We analyze and consult on the modalities and contractual clauses that are appropriate for the necessities of our clients. Likewise, we offer consulting services on the relevant aspects of Laboral relations (Work conditions, geographic and functional mobility, substantial modifications of work conditions, disciplinary procedures), consulting our clients about Suspension and Extinction records, management of expatriations, etc.

Remuneration Policies

We design, analyze and implement remuneration policies, social security plans in these aspects: incentive plans, pension plans, differed retributions, insurance, stock options, giving out options to employees.

Senior Management

We design, negotiate and compose senior management contracts adapted to the necessities of the client. We offer our wide range of experience as expert advisors in drafting, negotiation, and the application of senior leadership contracts, including consulting services about the implications derived from appointment to the administrative body.

Special Labor Contracts

We offer consulting services and assistance in the negotiation, execution and resolution of labor contracts for Athletes and Professionals in the Coaching Business.

Social Security

We offer consulting services and assistance on questions relative to Social Security.