Restructuring and Insolvencies

We offer consulting and sophisticated legal solutions for very complex legal crisis

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Financial Restructuring

• We advise from the prevention of a situation of crisis, analysis and the elaboration of viability proposals with credit entities and providers, to adapt the economic-financial structure of the business

Legal Management and Advising in National and International Bankruptcy Proceedings:

Approaches, Management and assistance in bankruptcy processes, when the crisis should be resolved the judicial way.

Credit Defense

• Preventative consulting in contract negotiation and procurement of guarantees to protect credit in the most efficient way possible. Legal Defense of loans, as much in the individual execution procedures as in the bankruptcy procedures.

Defense Against Reintegration actions

• Prior consulting on hiring businesses with economic and defense difficulties in legal proceedings that intend to rescind the carried-out operations with bankrupt businesses.

Debt, Tax, and Social Security Deferment

• In the preventative phase of a business crisis, the processing and procurement of debt deferments, and in bankruptcy, the negotiation of single pay agreements.

Administrative Responsibility

• Prevention of behaviors that could lead to corporate, tax or criminal responsibility of administrators (in fact or in law). Defense in litigation about a demand of administrative responsibility.

Labor Relations in Business Crisis Situation:

Flexibility measures of labor relations, trying to adapt the productive and organized structure of the business to new circumstances, with provisional or definitive character. Viability plans. Collective negotiation in crisis situations. Records of employment regulation, termination, and contract suspension. Alternative Measures to contract termination.