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Legal and Fiscal M&A

We are a team of lawyers and tax advisors with experts in acquisitions, mergers, divestments, joint ventures, refinancing, MBOs, etc.


Our range of services covers all the areas of legal and tax influence in the operations carried out by the client: due diligence, purchase and sale agreements, partner agreements, co-investment of management teams, structuring of operations and their financing and final divestment, among other areas. In addition to our own capabilities, other professionals join us depending on the characteristics of the sector or the operation in question, as well as those of our international network.


With regard to the legal part of the transaction, our vocation is that the client has a clear vision of his obligations and rights with an environment of maximum legal security. Therefore, we try to ensure that the contracts do not have any ambiguity or indetermination, and we seek contractual remedies with a certain degree of autonomy and automaticity.



In the tax field, our practice allows the client to know with the greatest precision the active tax opassive position of the assets of its interest (due diligence) taking advantage of our sectorial knowledge and the experience of our management team, in order to be able to properly evaluate its investment. Likewise, we advise on how to carry out their operations with the necessary level of security and tax efficiency required by the current economic environment, as well as how to properly incorporate tax issues into commercial contracts.