Corporate Compliance

High Value Legal consulting for the implementation of efficient systems of regulatory compliance and crime prevention

There are many countries that have added a regimen of legal responsibility to their national legislation – strictly criminal or of any other nature – from the legal people. Recently, Spain has already joined this global trend of Anglo-Saxon origin.

Especially with regards to the business environment and company activities, these attribution systems of responsibility to legal persons are articulated in the function of criteria of ¨Due Control¨ of regulatory compliance and the prevention of crime, which obligates companies to implement efficient systems of supervision and control, this is Corporate Compliance.

Compliance covers practically all possible branches of business activity and various criminal forms, from tax crimes, fraud, bribery or property value raising up to urban crimes, against corruption in the business environment or between individuals.

Exelade´s Group of Corporate Compliance works in this setting, coordinated by the Group of Penal Right of Business and backed by a team of experienced professionals and highly specialized in every branch of law implicated in the legal consulting of business, from City planning and Intellectual and industrial property, up to Laboral, tax and commercial law.

How can we help you?

  • Fulfilling the due diligence of diagnosis and detection of the beginning penal risks that could exist (the elaboration of risk maps)
  • Establishing necessary protocols for the best protection from these risks
  • Defining the attributes and the composition of an internal crime prevention body
  • Putting the necessary whistleblowing and reporting channels into place
  • Offering technical support to provide employees with coaching and training systems they may need
  • Formulating investigation procedures and necessary sanctions for allegations of incompliance.
  • Supporting internal managers in the continuous revision of the efficiency of compliance systems, for the constant updating and adapting to new business circumstances.